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RIP to the king Hank Aaron


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I've gotten advanced copy of Nolebull813's post calling Mr. Aaron one of his heroes......


Hank Aaron was the man. Never was fake. You knew you were getting 100 percent authenticity. Never scripted. I respect that in a person. Mike Tyson was the same way. Allen Iverson too. No surprise these guys were always polarized. Everyone likes to be in their politically correct safe space. Aaron didn’t let them box him in. He did just as much for the black community as MLK Jr. 

Hope your resting easy GOAT


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1 hour ago, BUFORDGAWOLVES said:

Didn’t take long for you to post something stupid, always disrespectful to the decedents. 


This puto culero lives on hear to act tough, but we all know those that talk that much shit online and try to act tough are nothing more than prison bitches.  Don't give him the attention he craves.  Just like his idol the orange fat ass.  Shit you live in a neighboring state to him.  I guarantee you his pussy would tighten up if he ever tried to confront your tall brown ass in person.  LOL.  I would pay to see that. 

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